Lago Maggiore
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Lago Maggiore

78 km from our Hotel

It is situated on the borders of Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland and very close to the Alps. It is the second largest lake in Italy, after the Garda Lake. It is a relict of the wealthy patrimony which was lead by the Borromeo family. Arona and Stresa are beautiful cities along the lake and the mountains.

Arona is wellknown for the big statue of San Carlo (known as San Carlone) who was born there. You can visit the statue climbing inside, arriving to the panoramic terrace with a breathtaking view of the Lake. Stresa is a small and pictoresque town along the lake and offers a stunning atmosphere. It is a place with lots of green areas like gardens, palms and flowers. It provides a beautiful view over the lake and the Borromeo Islands (Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori).

Stresa gives an awesome panorama situated between mountains and the lake. There is a cable railway up in the mountains used to bring tourists to the near ski area in winter, to give them the chance to see the town from above and get an even better and unforgettable impression. The Borromeo Islands are worth to see with their long and important history. The Lago Maggiore offers  a mild climate with a lush vegetation which make this area a favourite destination for tourists. Cities are connected through ferries and motor boats lines so that visitors can have a great view on the lake.

Isola Madre with its botanical garden, is the most green island among the three. You enter in a subtropical environment with rare plants and exotic flowers. You will find there an impressive building of the Borromeo family built in 1590.

Isola Bella is entirely occupied by the Palazzo Borromeo (Borromeo Palace) and its gardens: going there, you will have the sensation of living in a fairytale. Carlo III Borromeo ordered to build the palace in honour of his wife Isabella D’Adda. The architectural style is Baroque and even the garden shows this epoch. In the park there are the truncated pyramid which contains statues, a fountain and several exotic plants.

Isola Pescatori is located on the north of Isola Bella and exactly in front of Stresa. It is an old fishermen’s island and more like an ancient, rustic, still untouched village. You will breath a quiet and natural atmosphere there and the centre of the village offers a wide variety of “Trattorie” (typical Italian eating house).